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It’s a well known part of the Psalms in the Old Testament, and the opening words capture perfectly the love of God towards humanity.

Here goes!… ‘The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not be in want…’ (Psalm 23 verse 1)

Lost, found, gathered, guided, the list is endless in its scope;

The weaving of the lives,

of both shepherd and sheep.

Trust and guidance, midst hope and fear;

the guiding staff, pointing the way.

Beyond horizon, just out of sight

are the new possibilities

of trust and hope,

fulfilment and peace.

The longing of the soul,

mirrored in the wandering of the sheep.

Needing vision and assurance

and illumination of the next step.

I shall not be in want.

Captured by new horizons

and possibilities yet to be born.

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