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Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.‘ The words of Jesus. Reassuring and going to the heart of our relationship with God. Through the good times in life, and the more challenging times.

In times of difficulty I have often found myself unable to express the thoughts and hopes and fears that are in my mind and heart. I can try and rationalise everything, but still the nagging worry and sometimes fear, become the dominant voices in my head.

Jesus’ words above are not given to avoid what may be happening in our lives, but they are offered as a means of resetting our compass. In the stormy times of life it can seem as though someting is being done to us, which we cannot change. But what Jesus encourages us to do, is to ask, first of all. The acknowledgement of what is lurking in our hearts; the positive and negative. Not asking into the middle of an empty space, but straight into the heart of God. The seeking and finding go hand in hand.

God’s love given to our days and moments, whatever they are. The final movement is the almost physical ‘knocking’ onto a real door. But this door opens into the heart of God, every moment of every day.

What ever you face today, please remember these words of Jesus, whose love towards us knows no bounds.

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