I took this photograph in a ‘stumpy garden’, situated in some wonderful gardens nearby to where we are staying. There were any number of these carved faces which really caught our attention.

The unexpected experience of coming across these carvings, had us full of questions and imagining. As we moved, the faces morphed into something different, so there was a perspective change which caught us by surprise.

This particular face spoke of peace and wisdom and a wry sense of humour! It got me thinking about how we conceptualise God in our thinking and lives. How we do this can have a profound effect on faith. This figure has an openess and an honesty which for me, goes to the heart of my faith in God.

I have always been aware of God’s movement in my life in constantly unexpected ways. If I get to the point of thinking that I have it all ‘sussed out’ then God surprises me and makes me feel uncomfortable and challenged. What is happening in your life at the moment, that is challenging you to perhaps take the unexpected route? If you can’t answer that, then just smile at the stumpy man, and expect the unexpected!!

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