Light on….

….Or perhaps not! Built in 1674 on Flamborough Head it was replaced by a new lighthouse in 1806. It was an attempt to warn shipping of the treacherous coastline and the need for caution. It still stands proud, even though it no longer has a purpose.

The key thing was to have a light that could be seen by those who were sailing along the coast, and warn them of the rocks that lay just below surface.

It captivated me , because it spoke of continuity and warning and the power of light in darkness. The modern lighthouse can shine a beam the travels many miles, which warns and comforts and assures. The old light was not very efficient, but it played some part in comforting those who passed by.

The simple statement by Jesus, ‘ I am the light of the world….’ has been used in other blogs. Simply because it resonates so powerfully in our our own heart and soul and spirit, and it is good to be reminded of the power of the words.

Light gives hope in darkness, the lighthouse builders knew that. But Jesus speaks of the inner light of God’s Holy Spirit, there for everyone, even in the storms of life. Not pie in the sky, but hope in the moment, when we need it most…even the most imperceptible flicker.

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