Wall and door….

Doors are fascinating, and I came across this one yesterday. It looks a little battered but still performs a function. The outside latch is wonderful, along with the rather rough iron hinges. It appears to have no lock and it seems to be waiting for someone to open it!

The wall adds to the thought process, with the hand made bricks adding to the complexity of a seemingly simple scene. When, how, what, when….the questions keep on coming.

It speaks to me about life; walls built and dismantled or built even higher. Doors firmly locked, waiting for a key, when all that is needed is for the latch to be lifted! We can each of us make and maintain our barriers, be they physical, mental or emotional.

But in the middle of all this we need to be ‘tuned in’ to the still small voice of calm. The whisper on the breeze, the breath of the Holy Spirit in our souls, waiting to respond to the open door, through which we step into a different way of seeing and believing.

2 thoughts on “Wall and door….

  1. Hello Helen and Barrie, I like your musings very much and this one immediately brings to mind the present situation in Israel If only someone would just open a door and reach out a hand, I would not presume to say who is right and who is wrong but how can anyone behave this way in the very place where love, compassion and kindness was first preached. What messages does this send to the rest of humanity, Hope you are both having a good time and come back to Amble suitably refreshed. Missed everyone yesterday. Love. Ann x x

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