A fountain of water, rather than a stream of living water ? The juxtaposition of the fountain and the tree stump just had to be photographed!

There is something quite surreal abot this scene. which was the motivation for a shot! Even the growth on the top of the stump, speaks of hope and new life and possibilities.

I sense the idea of new possibilities out of what appears lifeless. With all we have and are passing through during the pandemic, I think the photograph gives us the idea and promise of new directions, even in moments of uncertainty and perhaps fear.

There is the constant refrain in the Bible about hope in fear, new life in the most difficult moments, and new horizons in seemingly unpromising times.

We have each trodden our own path over the past year or more. We need to look beyond our preoccupations (and I include myself!) and look at what is signalling to us in the world we inhabit.

Take a moment to look at the stump and the fountain and be prepared to see differently.

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