Beyond words….

An amazing sunset at the ending of yesterday. The light playng with the clouds and the sea as it rolled in upon the shorelive. I looked and I took deep breaths and was moved to the heart of my being and soul.

Some might call it breath taking, but I sense more of a profound giving. As if the Creator was painting a canvas in the firmament, just for sheer delight, and as an offering to those who witnessed it and you who see it now!

It was constantly moving and changing, just like the story of our lives, and our interconnection with creation.

The colour of the sea caused me to stop the noise in my head and focus on the moment.

I find meditating quite difficult, but the power of the ‘breath-taking’ moment, which arrives unnanounced, is often a great starting point. Almost as if God is creating a moment of connection for me…or you!

Breath taking indeed!

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