Spot the nest…

Our front door! The top glass side panel has unfortunately not revealed what is written on a notice, attached to the inside of the pane. It reads, ‘Birds nesting in tree’. Helpfully placed by Helen! Because, yes….Linnets have made their nesting place in the bowl of the Acer tree. Despite all the coming and going, they have not given up. The nest is wonderfully hidden and is a feat of engineering.

Without the notice, no-one would know it was there. It got me thinking about how easy it is to miss what is near to us, even in plain sight. The everyday moments, which draw our attention but soon disappear in the press of the day.

It was an utter suprise to spot the nest, having seen the Linnets flying into the crown of the tree. The nest is a perfect bowl, carefuly crafted. The symmetry of life that brings seemingly disparate elements together.

It made me stop, overawed by what I saw. But a thankful moment in the presence of the Creator, who made my soul soar!

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