A shout of praise! I photographed this crop whilst on a walk yesterday. The juxtaposition of the sky and the rapidly growing crop; the vibrant green shouting out to be seen and perhaps heard. The almost painted sky, topping things off !

Hallelujah indeed. I’m sure that you will interpret the scene in your own way; let it speak to you. It just stops my wandering mind as I look at it, and invites me just to take a moment to sense the creative gift, offered by the Creator.

We take so much for granted and we need to allow ourselves space to see what lies before and around us. The natural world is a signpost of God’s creativity which is there all around us, each moment of each day.

I am reminded of Jesus’ words in John’s gospel, when he utters these words….’I am the bread of life…’ Curious, but compelling. I think a response, might be Hallelujah! Wherever your path leads you in the days ahead, remember those words, offered to us from the generous heart of the Son of God.

Peace be with you

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