The poenies in our garden are not quite in full bloom. so I’ve cheated by showing you an example I photographed last year!

The whole process of growth and revealing, which go hand in hand still fills me with awe. The vibrant colour of the flower makes one stop and observe. A gift, in a moment, for us to enjoy. In the middle of all that unfolds in our individual lives and the wider world, the simplicity of this shower of colour takes my breath away.

The flower attracts pollinators and the whole cycle continues. I have had moments in my life when I’ve found myself uncertain and not seeing beyond the moment. In these times I have become aware of a deeper presence in my heart and soul. A little like the bud, growing and developing, until the time of flowering.

There will no doubt be times like this in your own life; perhaps it may well be happening as you read this. Be assured that God is with you, in the growing and the flowering and ultimately in the bearing of fruit.

I pray that you will know the vibrancy of the creative spirit of God in you own life.

Peace and blessings be with you.

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