Cup and ring marks

Or could it be a face? Perhaps…you can interpret it as you will! These marks were photographed in Scotland on the Kintyre Peninsula. We will perhaps never know the answer, and there’s part of me that feels quite content with that.

There is much that is mysterious in life, and perhaps living with the tension that this brings is for some too much, and for others is a challenge, and a need to inquire and understand. When it comes down to belief in God, the mystery deepens, and the danger is that human beings try to fathom what is unfathomable, We have to be content at each step, with what we do understand, and not try to push to far, with questions that are not designed for answers. What used to be called easy-believeism.

In other words we try to make things understandable, when we need just to live with the mystery. A little like the cup and ring marks….mysterious, but thought provoking. One person’s understanding is as valid as another’s. Thank God for our diversity!

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