Photograph taken yesterday evening at the setting of the Sun. Looking across the bay,

The trees on the horizon looked like they were on fire as the setting sun began to set in the western sky. The whole scene changed continuously over the period of time I watched it.

Horizons define our lives in so many ways. Sometimes they may be clear within our thought lives, other times it can seem like we are lost in a smog of uncertainty! All part of being human!

Faith in God has for me, been a source of strenth in the twists and turns of life. The good times, and the more difficult moments, which we all have. Belief in God is not a crutch to help me through life, it is an assurance of a profound love which knows no bounds. Even in those moments when light passes into darkness and the road may not be clear. I hear the words of Jesus, towards the end of Matthew’s Gospel…‘I am with you always, even until the end of the end of time….’. In other words, forever!

What ever the days brings for you today, hear these words of Jesus and let them sink into your heart and soul!

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