How would you define the word ‘Nurturing’? These Eider Duck chicks had been brought together by a group of female ducks, perhaps for protection from seagulls. Whatever the reason it was a very uplifting moment to observe.

It got me moving along a train of thought…here are some words from Jesus in John’s Gospel;  “I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me”. Another example of nurturing and safety and promise.

It is easy to drift away from the love of God, simply by events in life. Jesus promises to be the ‘good shepherd’ for each of us. In all the twists and turns of our lives, we need to find that ‘still point’, a profound assurance. For the young Eider Ducks, they have the physical presence of nurturing female ducks.

There is a sense for each of us, that in our relationship with God, we can know and experience the nurturing love of the Holy Spirit, within our own hearts. We just need to make that step and dare to trust.

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