The still point…

Captured in a moment whilst on an evening walk. There was lots of change in the sky and the wind was gently moving the water. Despite this movement there was a sense of a profound stillness. Caught by the opening and closing of the camera shutter.

It resonated with me because of the interplay of light and the waves. Throughout each moment, our inner mood can ebb and flow, just like the sea. How you interpret the scene will depend on your own mood and what is energising or worrying you at the moment.

We have some control over this inner chatter and movement. But we all need those moments during the day when we need some communication with the ‘still point’…what we see in the photograph, mirrored in our heart and soul. Reaching out to the ‘still small voice of calm’. Making a connection with something deeper…the whisper of our Creator and sustainer.

We are simply asked to stop and listen…and be refreshed.

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