The lily pond in front of Howick Hall in Northumberland, which is perfectly reflected in the still water. I’ve used the title ‘Illusion’, which gives a sense of something not being ‘real’, but it was a very real moment when I took the photograph!

However the reflection is not actually tangible, in the sense that it cannot be touched, This leads me on to the whole question of faith, particularly in the sense of a divine being who has created what we regard as our reality. We can ‘function’ as humans without any need for faith in God, and I can completely understand why people say they don”t believe in God.

But somehow there is an ‘ache’ in the heart of humanity that doesn’t seem to go away, or leave us alone. That voice or sense which comes unannounced and simply rests in our consciousness.

The still water and reflection can easily disappear, but the memory will persist in our hearts and minds and souls. The creative spirit of God never ceases to break through my illusions.

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