Ending or beginning…..?

I have no answer to the question posed in the title of this blog. I’m tempted just to leave todays offering at this point and let you come to your own conclusions!

There was clearly a door in the wall at some point, and in a moment in time the need for it became less important. It was blocked up, No longer a door, but still revealing it’s outline and previous use.

Even more intriguing is the carved stone slab with an ornate cross on it; possibly re-used from its original placing.

Ther is a kind of parallel with our lives as we look at this scene.Those moments when we are confronted with a change of direction and one door closing and another one opening. Being guided or indeed set on a different route.

Jesus talked about his ‘standing’ at the door of our lives and hearts…’Behold, I stand at the door and knock…..waiting for the door to be opened…’ Even when there seem too many barriers.

The seeming ending can be a precursor to new possibilities as we take a different route. Trusting in the immense love of God for each of us.

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