On a walk yesterday, we came across this sign. We’ve probably seen it a number of times on our usual walking route, but never payed it much attention.

What struck me was the number of interpretations that could be generated! It could be warning us that there are some slow moving Red Squirrels ahead…always useful to know. Another possibility is that the squirrels are being asked to drive carefully. More simply, it is a reminder that human drivers should be careful and look out for squirrels crossing their path!

It just got me thinking about how we interpret things. Both the visible and invisible. Particularly when it comes to belief and trust in a Divine Being. There are many interpretations and understandings and we have to be careful that we don’t simply slip into the definitive answer too easily.

Belief is a matter of perspective and interpretation and sometimes there are no easy answers, but simply a deep down assurance which cannot be described.

God prompts us in so many ways; often in plain sight. Sometimes we just have to stop the chatter in our heads and read the signs that we see before us!

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