The photograph is a view I took of Captain Cook’s Monument, last weekend. It stands in memory of a man who pushed boundaries, along with many others who travelled with him. Sailing around the world was no mean feat.

He ‘discovered’ what was already there; rich cultures that had existed for hundreds if not thousands of years.

However we might look at boundaries, both inward and external, as a species and as individuals we need to push further and explore. This is no different in the realm of faith. It often leaves us with more questions than answers and that is what pushes us forwards to explore further.

My experience is that just as you reach what you think you have been looking for, a new horizon opens up. This is the journey of faith which we are all embarked upon. It is perfectly encapsulated in the words of the U2 song; ‘I still haven’t found what I’m looking for….! But the seeking is the driver!

Always looking forward and sensing and believing; not boundaries, but open doors!

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