This installation can be found in the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire. It is a very powerful installation with the lone figure, head bowed, reflected in the figure on the right.

It is a place of profound remembrance which I found quite overwhelming. I’ve used the word, ‘illusion’ for today’s blog, beacuse I often have to check my own understanding of reality. Much of what goes on in my head is a mix of hopes and fears which come and go during my day.

The tranqulity of this moment that I captured on camera just makes me stop and still my inner voice, or should I say clamour of noise!

As I moved around the the installation, the scene changed, and thus my own perspective moved and transformed itself. This is a parable of life. Whether we acknowledge this or not, we are all caught up in what I like to call a ‘flow’, which comes from the heart of God. We simply need to allow ourselves a moment to rid our noisy consciousness of all that piles together! To immerse ourselves in the flow of God’s love.

The illusion is the noise; the reality is the absence of noise!

Peace be with you.

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