Looking and Seeing

I am a great ‘Loser of things.’! As Helen will testify! She has an uncanny ability to find things that I have ‘lost’! She finds things even in places that I have already looked!

Sorry about all the exclamation marks, but I am utterly dumfounded! There’s another one…. She calls this ‘man looking’! Whatever it is, one has to live with it…seeing but not seeing, if you get my drift.

It says much about how we each see and understand the world as it is. Woven into this is the hand of God; guiding, holding, opening and closing…the list could go on. I love this photograph I took a few days ago. There are lots of elements, each interpreted in different ways by each of us; depending on perspective.

We each look in our own way, depending on our own experiences, and that is wonderful. Perspective can move and change moment by moment. How we relate to God also changes with circumstances and that is the exciting thing about faith. It also challenges us to ‘look’ differently.

So take some momemts to look at this photograph at different times of the day, and try to sense the movement of God’s Spirit in your days and moments.

Nothing is ever lost; it is just waiting to be found. Looking and seeing..it’s the only way to move!

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