A hill in Cleveland, going by the name of ‘Roseberry Topping’. Interesting name, which derives from Othenesberg; the old norse for Hill of Odin, with Toppin being the norse for hill. Fascinating…names and how they develop and change over time is intriguing.

But enough of that…it is a wonderful hill! I could end the blog at this point and allow you some time to reflect! But I’ll just carry on for a moment. Names are important because they allow identification. Jesus once said to those following him; ‘rejoice that your names are written in heaven…….’ (Luke 10 verse 20).

That is a truly bold statement, that proclaims the uniqueness of each other in the sight of God. We might try to run and hide at times and feel lost and uncertain, but we are never forgotten by the God of creation.

As you reflect on my words, rest on the assurance we are given, that we each occupy a unique place in the heart of God.

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