A stile in the middle of a field; no boundaries and seemingly no defined path. Confusing indeed!

I have been writing this blog for well over a year, with the odd interruption. It has been an important part of my day, and has been my companion in the good days and the bad. Along with those of you who read it. Thank you for taking time and giving encouragement to me.

I never thought that I could sustain it for over a year, but have proved myself wrong. Some days I’ve written even when I’ve had real difficulties trying to put down anything coherent.

The stile or gate just makes a statement about direction and speaks powerfully to me about perseverence in the middle of uncertainty. We each take our paths and sometimes we can only see the next step. Sometimes the route is covered in mist, and we have to trust.

Jesus Christ walks beside each of us and never leaves us, even though there are times when we can feel alone. Take a moment today to resolve to follow him and take a step into the next stage of your life, even if it is a small movement…..

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