Here’s looking at you…

We all view the world from our own viewpoint. A statement of the truly obvious, I think you will agree! I’m sure the heron is a very accomplished catcher of fish, but in this particular moment he was creating a shilhouette of a cross; how clever!

Things are aren’t always what they seem I think you will agree and we ofteh have to be prepared to change our thinking and our outlook, about ourselves and others.

For me the cross goes straight to the heart of God and is woven into the fabric of time. So the way we look at the world causes us to pause. God is not a distant uncaring being, uninterested in what has been created. This photograph takes us to the heart of everything; nothing excluded or cast adrift in an uncaring manner. ‘God is closer to us as we are to ourselves…‘ as Saint Augustine wrote. Well done Augustine!

So be ready for the suprises and be prepared to look at things in a different way!

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