You might remember the song, ‘There are more quesions than answers’. Sung by Johnny Nash. A catchy little number, which acts as something of an ear worm for me, as I write this!

You may not remember anything else apart from the song resounding in your head. But it is a curious photograph I took recently at a nature reserve nearby. Ducks on a floating hay bale, with a white buoy anchoring the whole contraption! To be perfectly frank I could spend hours looking at the photograph. It kind of summarises life at the moment.

Anchored but drifting; that’s faith. Even if I feel OK I still have that sense of drift, which is absolutely OK. We have to trust God’s plan for us. Just like the ducks are trusting in the bale, anchored invisibly.

That line from the hymn; ‘Will your anchor hold in the storms of life?’ The ducks trust and the invitation is to do likewise.

Bless you!

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