Thats exactly what I captured in this photograph, looking across the old coal staithes in Amble Harbour. The shimmering of the moving tide with the movement of the air across the water.

A mixture of feelings develop as I look at it now, some months later. Time has pased, but seems to have stood still…..however the tides have continued to move in and out. As our own lives do, from one moment to the next. As the saying goes; ‘Time and tide wait for no-one’. Which is entitrely true, I think you will agree! When the disciples and Jesus were in the middle of a storm, we have the words of Jesus, directed to the elements…’Peace, be still….’…and there was calm and stunned silence from the others in the boat.

The shimmering and the play of light, reflects itself in our own spirit. Peace, be still…in the day ahead.

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