In capturing this scene, I seem to have photographed a new species of bird! The oyster catcher on the left is easily identified…..the bird on the right has turned its head just as I took the shot…it is a Black Headed Gull in disguise! Ooops!

Things are not always how they seem, we can all be surprised by something out of the ordinary. That’s how faith works for us. It is often in the ordinary moments of life that we can be suprised. A different perspective can extend our horizons. The writer, CS Lewis (of Narnia fame) entitled his autobiography, ‘Suprised by Joy’. An account of his conversion to Christianity in the early 1930’s. Up to this point he was an atheist, so it was a dramatic moment!

My own faith journey was full of twists and turns before it came to the moment of belief. It still has those twists and turns but the centre point is the profound love of God for me…and every other being.

Things can look a little difficult sometime, when this happens then ask God for an ‘ooops’ moment.

Enjoy the photograph…it makes me smile!

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