The setting sun can sometimes paint its own picture for us to reflect upon. It is the ending of the day but the beginning of the night and starlight. The photograph captures the transitional moment from light to darkness.

This moment can be reflected in our lives as we move from one stage to another. As you read this you may be experiencing you own time of setting. The day light transitioning into the star light. Without the setting there would be no starlight.

You may be reading this as you are moving through your own transition. It may be a question of hope or fear, direction and steps to take. In my experience through all the twists and turns of life, I often remind myself of the words of the Risen Jesus to his friends (including us)….‘I am with you always even until the end of the world‘.

Not sometimes, not when you or I call out…but always. Not leaving, but being always present. As sure as the sun sets and rises.

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