A murmuration…

I took this photograph a couple of weeks ago. A gathering of starlings on our roof, enjoying the warm sunshine! A murmuration! What a wonderful name; it rolls around my consciousness and makes me smile.

With all that has and is going on in our lives in these days this just captivated me, and I stood and watched for a little while, with all the coming and going. Even the rather intense song had me smiling. Their own tune, done in their own way!

We are each unique in our own way and this moment will stay in my thoughts for a long time. There was a carefree ‘joie de vivre’ about the whole moment. It has made me reflect on my own walk with God. I need to relax a little more and root myself in the moment to be enjoyed and offered. The Starlings have it sussed out…how much more does the Creator want us to bathe in the light of his presence. In simple moments, not complicated prayers.

Blessings and peace be with you.

2 thoughts on “A murmuration…

  1. Hello Barrie,
    Thank you so much for today’s thoughts and photo – and previous ones too! The words about “coming and going” made me think about Psalm 121 especially verse 8 :-
    “the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forever more”
    I liked your words about relaxing and rooting yourself “in the moment to be enjoyed and offered” and also – ” The Creator wants us to bathe in the light of his presence.”
    I’m smiling along with you at the starlings and connecting with you in your musings.
    Love and God Bless to you and Helen. Joyce xx


    1. As always Joyce; thank you for your response and your own reflection. I really appreciate your words of encouragement. Our Love and blessings to you both. Barrie & Helen xx


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