Sky on fire!

Well, not literally!!! The setting sun lit up the western sky and created the most beautiful sunset and seemingly, a ‘sky on fire!!!

It lasted for only a short time and I was left with this photograph and a soul that felt at ease with the world. There are times during the week, and particularly at the ending of the day when one has to stop and rest and notice. Sometimes we can be lucky enough to see the magnificance of the setting sun, other times just a reflecion on something that has captured our attention.

God has a way of suprising us, daily. Not always the ‘sky on fire’ moment! Not always what we muight have asked for, or expected. A simple act of kindness, observed or done to us by another.

Something good, an action towards, how that soothes the soul of the giver and the receiver! It connects us with another like nothing else can. A simple step, or movement, from one to another. Halllelujah!

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