The tide is high….

This photograph will no doubt set you thinking!!! On a recent trip to the Isle of Arran, this rather interesting boat was spotted in Lochranza.

Many questions sped across my consciousnesss, such as how on earth it got there, how long it had been there, would it ever sail again? It certainly made me stop and think!

Throughout our days and moments we have those times when something can break into our consciousness. It may make us feel uncomfortable, particularly in the times we are passing through. Perhaps we may be prompted to ask questions which may never be answered.

There are moments in our lives when we can feel as though we are set adrift on a sea of uncertainty. This can be disorientating, but also a time of discovering faith in a way that we may never have imagined.

God calls to us in many and varied ways, Mostly we miss the voice in the clamour of our noisy thoughts.

The stranded boat reminds us that we need to be open to the still small voice of calm, even in the most unlikely of places!

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