A delight!

Just a glimpse of part of the garden created by Helen’s Uncle and Aunt. A very special space created by very special people.

It is a place to ‘lose’ onself in the beauty of nature, created from the ideas flowing from the gift given by the Creator to them. They are each going through difficult times and I write this as I honour them and who they are and what they deal with.

The human heart and soul faces many things during our lives and sometimes there is no easy answer to what we have to deal with or face. But glimses of creation and thought and order and chaos weave themselves within our days and months. God is with us in the uncertainty and fear. Easy to write, difficult to understand!

What they have created will live on, beyond their time….as it will for each of us.

‘A delight’, is the heading of this reflection. I pray that you will bring and receive delight, today, in your own unique way

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