A view across the bay from an upstairs window. What drew me to the scene was the light from the setting Sun illuminating the pampas grass. In the background was the sound of the lapping waves coming up against the sea wall.

Truly breathtaking in its own way. It speaks to me about those moments of ‘capture’, when I just want to stay with the scene and hold onto it. Just as I get to that point of peace, something always seems to divert me, and I can find myself thinking about ‘stuff’ that might be worrying me.

At that moment, I have choices to make. I can either allow the distraction to carry on, or I can gently move to what is really ‘capturing’ me and pointing me to a different place. The gentle prodding of the Holy Spirit. The positivity of God’s presence, healing the clamour of negativity in my head.

Focus on the scene and make a note of anything that pops into your consciousness.

Peace be upon you in your journey today…..

One thought on “Captured….

  1. Thanks Barrie that is a beautiful photo. The light on the horizon and catching the end of the pier building – how special. peace! Susanna

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