Hope, not fear…..

God speaks in the uncertainty. Words of hope, not fear.

Wandering and finding; mist, and tree on a hill (photographed a couple of days ago) Seems like a beginning, not an ending, all is held in the love of God.

You and I whoever we are, wherever we have failed, forgiven and given a new vision, within the God of Love, who endlessly suprises each of us.

I find it difficult to be solitary, but the tree anounces the possibility of new horizons and new life out of what seems to be an ending.

Take your step this week, with the love of God surrounding you and the uncertainty of the moment, when it arrives. God bless you in your moments and in the steps of uncertainty.

God’s love is found in unlikely places and moments.

Blessings and waterfalls of peace be woven into your minutes, hours and days…!!!

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