Land, sea and air….

A ship sailing on the Forth of Clyde. A handy bench seat to sit upon and reflect. The expanse of clouds and movement of the air. I was lost in the moment when I took this photograph.

The words of God in Psalm 46, verse 10… ‘Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth..’ There is a stillness in the moment I took the photograph and the juxtaposition of so many elements.

I sense a moment of waiting and seeking, coming from the heart of God; ‘Be Still…’. I don’t find stillness easy, because of the clamour of conflicting chatter in my heart and mind. In the moment of taking the photograph I wanted to hold the scene in my heart and soul and never let it go.

The moment passed and my life moved on and until I found this photograph my feelings at the moment I took the shot had been forgotten. But here they are and here I am and you are taking part in your own interaction. The focus on this moment is on stillness, not from God, but from each of us.

There is a promise that in our stillness we can begin to know God!!! Is this just too much for us to understand, or will we take the step and believe wholeheartedly in what God says through the Psalmist?

Sit, wait, and listen….!

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