Looking outwards, looking inwards, just looking. A moment in time to ‘be’, and not ‘to do’. How do we use that time? Fill it with distractions? Music, words, work, needs or wants?

It is so easy to immerse ourselves in what distracts us, diverts us from the moment, Even when trying to pray or focus, we cannot rid ourselves of the voices within our head which are often louder and more immediate in their attention.

Answering or dealing with the immediate, diverts our real needs or wants. Sometimes I have to swallow my pride and ask God to intervene, to give a new thought or direction to the noise in my head.

The photograph, taken from inside a ruined castle has all the elements of my thought life; shade and darkness; light and hope; new horizons and promises.

That word ‘being’ helps us to be honest with ourselves. Not a ‘running away’, but a ‘running into’. Stopping and looking and embracing what is given to us in each moment, however it may challenge us.

In these days through which we pass, may our being balance our doing!

The Lord bless you and keep you, now and always.

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