I’ve been doing a lot of drifting over the past few months. Both inwardly and outwardly! Getting lost in a moment of reflection, but unable to express what is really going on in my heart and soul.

Many changes and challenges, including my Mum’s death. Seeing the world change in Ukraine and all the uncertainty that reveals. A couple of days ago seeing a convoy of trucks leaving Wrexham for the Ukraine, loaded with essential items collected and to be given to those caught in the war.

Drifting is OK, it helps us to find somewhere to anchor, but may take time and patience, and may be a different place from where we started. Towards the end of Matthew’s gospel we hear the Risen Jesus say these words; ...’I am with you always, even to the end of the world…and beyond……’ The assurance that nothing is lost or given up upon. My Mum truly is ‘Resting in peace’ and seeing and hearing things that are beyond our comprehension at the moment.

The Lord be with you, now and forever.

My heartfelt thanks for your thoughts and prayers.


4 thoughts on “Drifting…..

  1. Blessings and love Barrie. I love the drifting thoughts about your lovely mum and that you were there for her when she most needed your presence. It’s been a heartbreaking time in Ukraine – unreal yet so real in our thoughts. We don’t know what to say apart from ‘Lord, please bring an honest end where the world can make progress for good. A rock or two on which to anchor all our drifting.’ Love to Helen. The rock.

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