It’s Saturday, and time for the usual pause. I astonish myself with what comes out of my head each day. Thank you for reading and making your own sense of my writing. It is a blessing to me. Enjoy the photograph of an Eider Duck, taken last week.


It’s Saturday 30th May; the day before Pentecost. The energising moment for the nascent early Church. I’m having a break from writing, but took this photograph yesterday evening as the sun went down. Waiting, wanting, hoping, fearing, longing…some words to reflect upon. Thank you for who you are and all you are…as you wait.


Great view, seeing all..missing nothing. Way above conradiction, alone but safe. Wondering what it all means. Not my world, everyone’s space. Mixed up and confused, alone…. or part of something, just beyond what senses offer. Perhaps I’ll take flight and look for other horizons and inspirations.