Here today….

The vapour trail of an aircraft…a transitory moment.

Every moment is transitory; we cannot hold on to it. The fragility of human existence is a case in point. Not in any morbid sense, but an acknowledgement that existence is time bounded.

I believe profoundly that God’s love is so deep and so wide that it is inexsustible…limitless; it is humans who place boundaries as barriers to the love of God.

God’s love is not transitory; think on that statement today!

Thank you…

Candle, crucifix, stained glass window, dressed stone…..‘Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift…’ (2 Corinthians 9;15)….. the gift of his Son, Jesus, for all creation and humanity.

Too much to comprehend; words cannot describethe love of God reaching into our hearts. Visual images can be helpful, and I offer you the photograph above.

Thank you for taking a moment to read my offering, today. May you know the strength of thankfulness in your heart today.

Peace be with you,



A view across the bay from an upstairs window. What drew me to the scene was the light from the setting Sun illuminating the pampas grass. In the background was the sound of the lapping waves coming up against the sea wall.

Truly breathtaking in its own way. It speaks to me about those moments of ‘capture’, when I just want to stay with the scene and hold onto it. Just as I get to that point of peace, something always seems to divert me, and I can find myself thinking about ‘stuff’ that might be worrying me.

At that moment, I have choices to make. I can either allow the distraction to carry on, or I can gently move to what is really ‘capturing’ me and pointing me to a different place. The gentle prodding of the Holy Spirit. The positivity of God’s presence, healing the clamour of negativity in my head.

Focus on the scene and make a note of anything that pops into your consciousness.

Peace be upon you in your journey today…..

Endings amd beginnings….


I lift up my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.‘ Psalm 121, verse 1.

Looking and seeing and sensing. Recognition of God’s presence in the moment I exist and see and hear and understand.

The interweaving of all things in this moment of reflection.

Bless you and peace be with you.


A corucopia of delight!

So much to observe. Rain clouds, rainbow, high tide, birds in the air……the sea wall. What a gift, yet so easy to take for granted. The high tide crashing against the sea defences, reminding us of the power of nature and the fragility of existence.

A truly ‘God given’ moment to feflect upon and give thanks for the gift which is offered and given to each of us, in every moment of every day. We just need to ‘see’ and ‘accept’ what is held out to us by the God of love.

After I took this shot I stood for some time by the sea wall and just ‘immersed’ myself in the moment. Listening to the waves and the birds and the observing the rainbow and feeling the breeze.

Look and listen and sense now, in your own moment of contemplation. Connect with the Creator in your heart, soul and mind. Feel the refreshing presence of the Holy Spirit.


Our help is in the name of the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.’ Psalm 124 verse 8.

Hills and mountains are endlessly fascinating! They feature quite a lot in the Bible, both Old and New Testament, and the Psalmist uses them quite a lot, whilst trying to explain the interweaving of God the Creator and the Creation, which includes us…of course!

The photograph, taken whilst on the Isle of Arran, speaks of the weaving together of the Creator and the Created; inclusive, not exclusive.

The love of God knows no bounds and is often likened to an ever flowing stream or fountain. As created beings we are part of that stream, which never dries up or gets diverted!!!

Give yourself a moment today to just reflect on the photograph and the verse from the Psalm and sense the Spirit of God in your heart and soul.

Still flowering!

Battered by storms, still flowering! Speaks about many things. Promise and vision and possibility.

All this resonates with my own journey….. still flowering after all these years! How about you, as you read these words, reflect on the photograph? In moments of uncertainty, give yourself to the Storm Stiller….Peace, Be Still says the Son of God….

Seeing is truly believing….

It always strikes me quite profoundly when I choose a photograph for my daily blog. In a sense I am working through my own hopes and fears. and all I can offer is my own wanderings.

As you read this you too are wandering and looking at the photograph from your own perspective. I’ve chosen the heading because it does, somehow, identify what we are doing individually and together.

God created out of chaos. Seemingly we like to tidy it up if we can. But chaos is part and parcel of existence…seeing is believing, beacuse it speaks to us of the edginess of life each day.

God weaves little hints into our days and moments and I simply ask you to do a little more observing and give yourself moments of thankfulness.

A pastoral scene….

Lots of elements in this scene…..taken whilst on the Isle of Arran a few weeks ago. It reflects the way my life is …open gates, shut gates, darkness and light, hope and fear. You could add your own!

At the end of the Book of Revelation, we have the risen and ascended Jesus proclaiming that he is the beginning and the end; the Alpha and Omega! All embracing, nothing missed ot lost. The picture of the sheep and the shepherd goes deep into our hearts.

Reflect on the scene above for yourself…let God’s Spirit speak peace to you.