Streams of living water? A cascade tumbling into an abyss. Balancing. Uncertain. Hopeful. Descriptions and words aplenty.

Peace be with you in your day wherever it might lead you; in whatever place or state that you might find yourself within.

May the refreshing power of the Holy Spirit weave itself into your heart and soul and guide you through whatever the day brings.


That’s where these geese were travelling; an aeriel ballet which unfolded before my very eyes. I stood and watched for some time as they moved and changed. An aerial caberet which soothed my heart and upheld my soul.

I heard these words as I stopped and observed; ‘May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.Romans 15;13

God wrapping us up in the middle of all we face in these interesting times. The conduit is ofetn what we see or feel, or observe. As God is closer to us than we are to ourselves!


I’m tempted to leave the caption and photograph to your own ‘musing’ ! Two pieces of foam; marshmallows; froth….where will it end?

Actually, two swans, feeding with heads submerged. I couldn’t resist the chance of a photograph!!

I’ve always regarded humour as an important part of my life and I will just leave you with the scene.

Remember that we are created in the image and likeness of God!


I just thought that I would drop this springtime photograph into the musing for today. It is cold and wet as I write this.

It offers hope in the midst of all we go through. A reminder of the seasons within the natural world. New posibilities and horizons. Just when we feel that short days and long nights are here for the duration, we can see beyond our limited horizon and give thanks to God.

Try it, whilst looking at the photograph…let God suprise you!

A delight!

Just a glimpse of part of the garden created by Helen’s Uncle and Aunt. A very special space created by very special people.

It is a place to ‘lose’ onself in the beauty of nature, created from the ideas flowing from the gift given by the Creator to them. They are each going through difficult times and I write this as I honour them and who they are and what they deal with.

The human heart and soul faces many things during our lives and sometimes there is no easy answer to what we have to deal with or face. But glimses of creation and thought and order and chaos weave themselves within our days and months. God is with us in the uncertainty and fear. Easy to write, difficult to understand!

What they have created will live on, beyond their time….as it will for each of us.

‘A delight’, is the heading of this reflection. I pray that you will bring and receive delight, today, in your own unique way


How important are walls to you? A statement of the absolutely obvious is probably the answer! External and internal, built or held in your heart and soul….

Take a moment to reflect on the photograph above, and just write down any words or phrases or memories that pop into your consciousness. Come back to it over the following days and note what changes.

You may well be suprised!

Looking and seeing….

I think I took this photograph looking through an arrow slit at Beeston Castle in Cheshire.

What ever perspective you have, your own looking and seeing interplays uniquely with the the photograph. One person may glance at it and move on, another will take more time and try to investigate further. For me, its job as a an arrow slit is now over, so the seeing I have is unique to me.

We build our own understanding and interpretation of the world and of course history! How we use information from sight, hearing, taste and smell makes us utterly unique. This interplays with how faith works for each of us.

Take a moment today to just observe the photograph and write down what comes to mind. Each day will be different!

I am the light of the world…

Painted sky at the ending of the day. The conjunction of different elements that brings a kind of ‘raw wisdom’ that is inbuilt into the heart of everything.

I miss this wisdon because I’m tuned into something else, most of the time. Deeply annoying, but there it is! However, I have been prompted to think anew as I write this.

Jesus’ ‘light of the world’ statement is well know and oft used. The capturing of the essence of God’s son, woven into the very heart beat of all that exists. Mysterious and challenging for each of us.

Let the words of Jesus speak within you, this and very day. Allow his simple statement to light your day, whatever you are facing.


Loch Ranza; the Isle of Arran. The fortified house by the Loch.

Some words of The Psalmist; ‘The Lord is our refuge and strength. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the sea…’ Psalm 46;1-2

Enough said, I think. I cannot top the words of the Psalmist!

How do these words of the Psalmist resonate in your heart and soul?

Everything passes and moves on. The question today the I pose for myself, is how deeply do I belive these words of the Psalmist and how will this change how I think and how I am, today?

I commend these powerful words to you, and ask God’s blessing for each of us today and every day.