Listen, see. reflect…touch the stone wall and altar; stand on the clay tiles, let the light reach into your heart and soul. God is present in every moment. We have to relearn this truth every day and every moment,

Never beyond the love of God, guided by the spirit within. Let your troubles be given and forgiven without fear.

Peace be with you, Stop and accept.


Being human places us in the fragility which is part and parcel of our life. As you read this, fragility may be with you constantly, be it mental or physical.

The photograph speaks of a constant movement of sea and air and land. The pebbles carefully placed on top of each other will soon be moved and changed. Fragility and creativity.

Behind all this…. the grace of God.

Ebbing and flowing

The flood tide caught on camera. Running between the waves and dodging the big ones! Miscalculating and getting wet feet…

It all resonates in my heart as I reflect on what I believe about creation and life and death and faith, hope and glory!!! Not always having easy questions or answers, and not always needing them!

Just existing in the moment is enough; being alive and interacting with the wonderful world we are part of. Simple moments of exhilaration and reflection that reach the soul and makes my heart sing.

As the song says, ‘Be bold, be strong, for the Lord your God is with you……Now, in this moment, as you read this, in the

The Way….

Not quite Hadrian’s Wall, just the sea wall at the bottom of our garden. It was a particularly stormy day and we could feel the visceral breaking of the waves.

Our lives can be full of our own walls which we have built during our lives. Jesus was a barrier braker. ‘I am the way, the truth and the life’, is how he once described himself. An invitation, in the midst of the storms of life, to take a different route, trust in a different way, look beyond the barriers that hem us in.

The route you take and have taken, is yours alone. Just like the constant moving and changing of the sea, from calm to storm to calm, and everything in between!

Jesus invites us, in the midst of the storm, to follow his steps, sometimes not in the easiest of places. As you journey during this week take a stop to look and see and sense and give thanks.

The way of Jesus brings us life to our souls.

The road….

Not the best photograph I’ve taken, but it expresses something about journeying and barriers and the light and darkness that weaves its way through our lives.

Sometimes the road is straight and unhindered, other times it becomes blocked and we are unable to navigate our way forward.

The gate in this photograph clearly blocks the way, but the light encourages us to move towards what blocks us. To perhaps see if there is a way round, over, or a possibility of opening the gate!

Jesus calls us each moment to look beyond, to trust in him, to sense the movement of the Holy Spirit in our journey.

Blessings and peace,


The Way…

Late spring last year. New growth and a field which had been cut but not ploughed. All statements of the absolutely obvious! But it got me thinking.

Those familiar words of Jesus…‘I am the way, the truth and the life…‘ Try to unpack that statement! Too much to compute and try to find an explanation. I’ve used these words before in a blog, because they are puzzling and challenging and never ending in their ‘giving’.

Where do I fit in this picture? Jesus’ self giving resonates in my head and creates many questions, which is good!

Whichever route we take, be reassured by the words of Jesus. If you find yourself wandering, go with the flow.

Seek, and you will find……..

Seeing and believing

I’m guessing that each of us who look at this photograph will interpret it in from our own perspective. Thankfully our personal perspective is unique.

Our moment as a physical being will never happen again. How we live and think is utterly ours!!!

God relates to us in a unique way. How we see, hear and react is ours only. Not anyone elses.

I thank God for the moment I took this photograph. I thank God for you as you read this and reflect in your own uniqueness as you observe the scene.

Peace be upon you.


Looking outwards, looking inwards, just looking. A moment in time to ‘be’, and not ‘to do’. How do we use that time? Fill it with distractions? Music, words, work, needs or wants?

It is so easy to immerse ourselves in what distracts us, diverts us from the moment, Even when trying to pray or focus, we cannot rid ourselves of the voices within our head which are often louder and more immediate in their attention.

Answering or dealing with the immediate, diverts our real needs or wants. Sometimes I have to swallow my pride and ask God to intervene, to give a new thought or direction to the noise in my head.

The photograph, taken from inside a ruined castle has all the elements of my thought life; shade and darkness; light and hope; new horizons and promises.

That word ‘being’ helps us to be honest with ourselves. Not a ‘running away’, but a ‘running into’. Stopping and looking and embracing what is given to us in each moment, however it may challenge us.

In these days through which we pass, may our being balance our doing!

The Lord bless you and keep you, now and always.


This really made me laugh. The demand directed towards Red Squrrels to drive carefully!!!! I’m astonished that they are allowed to drive, and also the revelation that they are able to read!

But clearly things are not as they seem, because they are being asked to drive carefully!

A bit like life and our interpretation of pur journey. All is not what it seems sometimes. We have to adapt and change and think differently. The power of faith; new directions and new possibilities.

The God of love, who constantly opens new possibilities and understanding.