Time and tide….

Living by the sea means that ‘time and tide’ are part of our daily life. The photograph above was taken last year on a day with a particularly high tide. The view is looking along the River Coquet towards the village of Warkworth.

The phrase that might be ringing in your head as you look at the scene and think about the title, is this; ‘Time and tide waits for no-one.’ There is no certainty about who wrote it, but it has stood the test of time and wisdom!

It speaks of constant movement as the tides race into the estuary and the river empties itself into the sea. A clash of moving forces, governed by a number of influences; each day being different.

It gets me thinking about about our days and lives. The constant shifting of thoughts and moods, ebbing and flowing through our conscious mind and within our unconscious world. ‘Time and tide’ catch us all out!

This blog is a reflection of my own thought life, and as I write today, I find myself in optimistic mode! No particular reason, just a sense of movement within my own heart and soul. Imperceptible most of the time, but today I can sense the presence of God’s Spirit moving in my heart and mind.

I pray for you today, that you might find that moment of whispered words or thoughts or impressions that will take you on your own journey,held in the hands of God.

‘Time and tides waith for no-one…so don’t hold back…dive in!! Let the flow of the Spirit move your heart and soul….as you become a blessing to another!

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