I can’t actually identify what this plant is; but the picture was taken on a walk a few days ago. Actually there is no need for identification and categorisation at this precise moment. We can just contemplate the beauty of the flower head, bursting through the striking leaves. I have a sense of creation embracing me, with the assurance of the Creator of all, giving an offering to each of us.

As you read this there may be many things on your mind, some of which might be disturbing you. The answers might be slow in coming, or might never arrive. But the simple act of giving yourself a space to reflect can connect us with our own place in the grand scheme of things. Joining with the endless song of praise that never ends….every moment of every day, and every breath we take.

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  1. Good morning Helen and Barrie, Good thoughts today, The plant is one of the Bromeliad species, I think, Some of which only flower occasionally, like every five years or so. Hope you had a good tea and talk yesterday, Was thinking about you. Ann x x

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