Blue sky thinking

I guess that’s about it! If I may share something…where does all this thinking of mine lead? I was heading for a no blog day. Then had a look at some photographs I took on a lunchtime walk with Helen a couple of hours ago.

The phrase, ‘blue sky thinking’ popped into my mind. It will now never leave me alone for hours! I found a snappy definition; ‘Creative ideas free from practical constraints’! We all think about lots of things at a time like this, which we find ourselves living through and trying to make sense of, or adapt to. Simple answers there are none, and even when we think we find them, they end up disappointing or lacking coherence.

Perhaps now isn’t the time for answers I hear my inner voice proclaim! But surely this is the moment…oh dear. Being a person of faith and a priest backs me into a metphorical corner, where answers are demanded. But I have no knock down answers, that would be presumptuous. I’m not lost, just perplexed. My experience tells me that this will take time; like the cycle of the seasons, the forming and development of clouds. I’m looking to the Creator for help with creative ideas held within practical constraints and thinking. Goodness me, that’s some ask!!

And here’s a bit of an answer from the moment Jesus shared his final meal with his friends. As he looked at this group of no doubt very frightened people he says these profound words, which I leave with you; ‘Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you…’

One thought on “Blue sky thinking

  1. Thanks Barrie

    I’ve had three weeks now of being free from practical constraints. What joy!!! No diary! No things that I have to do because the diary says I’ve agreed to do something or to be somewhere. I may well have to be like this until a vaccine is available.

    So yes, I’ve had time for blue sky thinking. In your post “Doubt and Faith” you said that you thought “we all live each moment in one state or the other”. I’m constantly in a tension between belief and unbelief. In those moments of unbelief when I wrestle with what it is I do believe, I invariably console myself that actually I am at peace. I know in my heart that the peace is that which is given to me by Christ as quoted by you here.



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