Good morning….or whatever stage of the day you are in when you read this!

The Iris in our garden are bursting into a riot of colour. I couldn’t resist using this photograph for today’s reflection!

The whole process from growth to full flower just made me reflect on the possibility that creation itself has at it’s heart the sense of celebration, moment by moment.

Here are the words of the Psalmist at the beginning of Psalm 45; The earth is the Lords’ and everything in it, the world and all who live in it....’ I guess we could probably leave it there and have enough to ruminate upon for some time! But I feel compelled just to add some thoughts!

Celebration might not be top of your thinking or inner conversation at this moment. There are so many other things taking our attention. But in a very simple sense these words from the Psalmist are a way for us to reset our compass, The continuing challenges of the pandemic and the individual loss and tragedy is beyond our understanding at one level,

But resetting the compass? How? These days challenge us to look differently. The words above from Psalm 45 raise more questions than answers, but I can’t run away from them. The words of the Psalmist were offered from personal experience, in the rough and tumble of human existence. I can try and ignore them, push them to one side, but they won’t go away.

I have experienced the love of God in the dark moments of living and tragedy and hope and fear. I’ve wept until I could weep no more.

Celebration is a rich word which can be misused. But when you’ve been through the darkness, the light is more beautiful. God knows in these days we seek hope and understanding. Take a moment to absorb the words above from the Psalmist. Let them weave a path in your thought life.

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