The photograph is of a group of six starlings (a ‘mini murmuration?’), sittimg on a BT pole at the bottom of the garden. They were chattering away and seemimgly enjoying their moment in the late afternoon sun.

There is much murmuring going on within the human population in the times which we are passing through. Thankfully we don’t have to balance on a wire 30ft up in the air to speak and listen!

Lots of conversations trying to find answers to questions which we revisit daily. A roundabout with seemimgly no stopping point. We have that need to understand, and our conscious mind is on overdrive. Then suddenly we have to call a stop to the chatter and find whatever we might call the ‘still point’. That moment of connection with a deeper and quieter voice which speaks into our soul.

Dare we believe that this ‘still point’ exists, or are we happier to let it be drowned out by murmour and the constant noise in our heads and on the screens of our connevted devices. Information overload is surely not the answer to the finding of peace.

I like to think that the starlings were finding some kind of harmony in their gathering and chatter. I want to belive that I too, and you who are reading this, can find that still point, even for a fleeting moment.

May you find the blessing of that moment in the chatter of your day!

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