Sun, sea, storm

There’s a rather old fashioned hymn that popped into my consciousness as I wondered what to focus on this morning. It was written in the mid 19th century and the first line is…’Will your anchor hold in the storms of life….’ You will now have the tune and words running through your thoughts all day…sorry!

The whole premis of the hymn is to get us thinking about faith, and we we place our trust. The picture above was taken last evening as the sun set. There was immense energy being let loose by the storm; water, sky and land were all brought together in a cacophony of sound and scene, which was constamtly changing.

Nature is a great teacher, which is why Jesus used it to illustrate profound truth. Those immortal words as the disciples cried out in fear of sinking on the Sea of Galilie; ‘Peace be still’….and all became calm.

Finding Inner peace is a big industry today, and illustrates the human quest for that point of calm..both within and without. Not always easy to find, and sometimes even when found, hard to hold onto!

Just reflect on those simple words of Jesus, I noted above; ‘Peace, be still’. Without that still point, however we discover it, we are always bound (and I include myself) to be constantly searching; even on a metaphorical calm sea!!

I think my phrase for this week will be ‘Peace, be still’! Time to let it swirl around our consciousness, and seep into our souls!

Blessings and peace be with you!

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