I’ve used interesting tree stumps for a couple of blogs, so please bear with me as I add yet another one!

There is a sense of defiance by the gnarled stump, as it continues to exist, but without any visible sign of life. It has developed into something different to what it was as a living, breathing tree. It no doubt acts as a home and shelter for all kinds of insects and mosses and other life forms. Performing a key function.

There are seasons in our lives which mirror the life cycle of the tree and what remains of it. Times of growth and expanding horizons; times of rest and recovery; moments of remembering, the list could go on.

I am reminded of the words of Jesus after his resurrection as he encourages the disciples; …‘and surely I am with you always to the very end of the age’. The disciples were uncertain about all that had transpired, with the death of their friend and the seeming end of it all. But Jesus arrives, resurrected and offers these simple words of reassurance.

Whatever your situation is today, as you read theses words, reflect on the words of Jesus, in the passage above….don’t be stumped!

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