My eye was drawn to this lonely bull, standing as a sentinel as the sun went down. How many times during the week do I find myself getting wrapped up in my own thoughs and feeling a little alone.

Where to now; how do I deal with this; shall I just stay put; is there anyone else in a predicament like mine? The questions take on their own life.

But these seeming ‘Endings’ are far better looked at as ‘Beginnings’. I have no idea what was passing though the mind of the bull; most likely he was enjoying the sunset!


pass into beginnings.

Fear turns to hope

and loss passes into


At the going down

of the sun we

sense the ending

and miss the beginning.

Eyes wide shut

focussed on darkness

rather than light.


darkness weaving

into light….

and light embracing


The whisper….

‘I am the light of the world’.

Peace be upon you

endings are simply beginnings.

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