We are having a few days with friends in North Wales, and visiting my elderly parents. I’ve just taken this photograph from their home, looking across the valley to the settlement and the old Chapel, no longer used for worship.

There is a massive sense of continuity in this place, even though things have and are changing, constantly. Faith expressed now in different ways. The chapel now a home, echoing no more to the collective worship of the community. But used for a different purpose.

Something lost, and something gained perhaps. Trying to create balance by hanging on to the past, or should I say the perceived past, doesn’t work . So where is the continuity. is there an anchor point for our hearts and souls? Faith seems to be the answer and the question. How we understand faith is as diverse as there are people on earth.

We all make our own way, and the continuity is in the connection with each other, The listening and hearing and questioning that happens each day, both internally in our own hearts and souls, and externally as we engage with others on the journey. The old chapel in the photograph witmesses to continuity, but also a different way of doing things. Faith being an agent of change, allowing us to see differently as we hear the story of another.

This is not easy, because we ahve to deal with the chatter in our own mental landscape; to hear another, or want to is difficult, but worth it. because it can change our own journey, and create a new route with an unexpected continuity.

Thank you for taking a moment to read this musing. Another moment of continuity!

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