I can see clearly now….

…the rain has gone. I can see all obstacles in my way’.…..the opening words of, ‘I can see clearly now‘, released as a single in 1972, by Jonny Nash. A simple but well cratfted song. The lyric continues with these words…‘Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind….it’s going to be a bright sunshining day….’. Simple words which speak of hope in darkness or uncertainty.

The photograph was taken as I looked south east from the Isle of Arran, with Ailsa Craig rising in the distance. The internal remnants of a long extinct volcano, composed of a very special granite rock. Special because the granite is perfect for making Curling Stones!!

With the sheep grazing in the foreground, it is a scene of utter tranquility.

Nash’s song and the photograph seem to weave together into a moment of blessing and tranquil reflection. Words seem too invasive somehow, so allow yourself to observe the scene and just hear the ending of the Hymn; Dear Lord and Father of mankind; ………….‘Speak through the earthquake, wind and fire, O still small voice of calm.’

God’s voice speaking through the natural world.

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